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The New Power Lunch: Olive Garden?

If this West article is to be believed, high-powered entertainment execs and agents are eschewing the long drawn-out expensive lunch meetings for quick-hitting and cheap: Forget Ammo and the Grill, we're talking M Cafe de Chaya, Pinkberry, and bottomless salad bowls and breadsticks:

And when CAA wants to poach an agent from a rival firm, the meal is often scheduled at Acapulco on La Cienega Boulevard or at the Olive Garden in Westwood. (Free refills never hurt the game of seduction.)
Why did Colicchio bother opening Craft? No matter where the suits go, standards still hold true: The person who wants something always pays; flaunt your connections; and constant rescheduling is a sport. Need more basics? On Monday August 20, writer Nicole LaPorte and Pamela Gonyea, lunch maitre d' at the Grill on the Alley, will hold a live online chat at 3pm at the LAT.
· Eat or Be Eaten [LAT/West]