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We're a Pink Taco VIP! Wait...Is That Good or Bad?

So after the grand opening Pink Taco bash awhile back, we got this in the mail. It's a VIP card that allows us to jump the line anytime we show up at Pink Taco in Century City, or any Pink Tacos for that matter. We forgot about it until yesterday when a friend told us that (1) she's embarassed to admit, but she actually likes the joint and (2) she had to wait almost an hour for a table a couple weekends ago. We're not sure we'd wait an hour for a table anywhere but didn't doubt for a second that PT would be a hit: The decor is fun and funky, and really, the food isn't that bad. We're not talking authentic Mexican anything, but if you're at the mall and want a decent margarita-fueled diversion, it works. Oh we can't wait to piss people off when we show up with this. Now, if only the Mozzas had a VIP card...
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