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Dish Special: Takami Sushi & Robata Opens Saturday

For those who like to dine in high places, Takami---partner to the week-old Elevate Lounge---is accepting reservations for Saturday night (8/18). While the two are pretty much connected, Takami has sushi and robata bars, dining tables outside on a massive patio overlooking the city, and glass walls, so even if you're dining inside you still get the view from the 21st floor. Executive chef Kenny Yamada opened Katsuya Uechi's Encino Katsu-ya, plus worked at SHU and catered events with Wolfgang Puck. Providence mixologist Vincenzo Marianella consulted on the cocktail menu. The lunch, dinner, and lounge menus for your viewing pleasure.

Takami's lounge that the Standard pool? Yup.

Elevate Lounge