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CaffeineWatch: Intelligentsia Coffee Opens Today

Intelligentsia, Alen Lin, 8/17/07.

Just in time for that first cup of coffee (for some of us, anyway) or the fifth: The much-anticipated Chicago-import Intelligentsia opens its first West Coast coffeehouse at Sunset Junction today at 12pm. As you see above, the paint will barely be dry, but the coffee will be hot (or cold, as you wish) and gorgeously presented. As previously reported, Intelligentsia is highbrow coffee served in a comfortable eco-friendly, well-designed space. There's a Clover machine. Whole beans. A coffee sommelier. The whole idea is for you, the coffee drinker, to interact with your coffee and barista. None of this ordering off a board without looking at the person under the green-billed cap. Of course should you just want a good cup of Joe, there's a nice mister-filled patio for sipping. A pre-Sunset Junction grand opening party happens tonight with drinks, snacks, DJ, the works. 7pm.