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Eater's Journal: The York

This is Eater's Journal, in which we muse on recent meals. We dine out way more than we can afford to, so we might as well discuss.

The York, Alen Lin, 8/15/07

Most online dictionaries define "gastropub" as a bar with good food, which is what The York, opened by two Edendale Grill alums in Highland Park, is going for. A nice exposed-brick urban design features a big bar in the center of the room, burlap-covered banquettes and leather booths on one side, high-top tables on the other, and windows that push open to the sidewalk out front. It's the perfect spot for low-key nights, just not the weekend after the LAT writes about it. While the crowd and music were great the other night, it seems that every Joe and Nancy from all over LA descended upon it leaving the staff---and especially the kitchen---a bit overextended. The order-everything-at-the-bar idea, a la Father's Office, isn't a perfect system. Draught beers toe the line, but Pasadena-brewed Craftsman is a nice addition. Bottled beer selection and small wine list amass some winners. A local took a territorial tone with us: "For this neighborhood, it's just right."

The kitchen uses quality ingredients for the small menu, but too much business all at one time got the best of them this weekend (skimpy amounts of pulled pork and ham in the Cuban sandwich; four finger-size pieces of fish with not-very-well homemade potato chips for $14?), which was probably the first really busy one. The burger looked like the winning order. Soon it will be FO of the East.

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