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Name That Venue: Could It Be Bodega de Cordova?

Last week we posted an anonymous real estate listing for a low-profile wine bar near Fairfax and Third, and asked you all to guess what it is. First, thanks for playing. We got the highest response for Name That Venue yet. While a good 95% guessed that cute little Spanish wine bar Bodega de Cordova on Fairfax, a few thought Tasca or even A.O.C. were on the market, which would suck if true. Luckily the ad says the space for sale does not have a kitchen, so both Third Street restos are ruled out. Still, too bad if the Bodega wants to/has to close. Some responses:

"I've been watching the space for about a year. It's a great space with a lot of potential. If anyone has the money to buy it, I would love to help reopen it." If we play the middleman, we want a finder's fee.

"That's Bodega de Cordova. Has to be. There's no other place with that description in the area. And matches the story that I've been told." Which is...?

And tacked on after a guess for Bodega: "I hate it when you're in a good mood. It makes me feel unsafe, like when my mom used to make daiquiris and sing Tanya Tucker songs."

While we prefer Hendricks martinis and Peggy Lee, we didn't even think about Bodega de Cordova, but it does sound fitting. Calls to the wine bar went unanswered, so this is all just conjecture until confirmed. The tip jar is always open.
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