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EaterWire: Gingergrass Expands to Burbank, Memphis Changes, M/X Now Butter and MORE

HOLLYWOOD: There's some hubbub brewing about Memphis, the sexy bordello-style restaurant set way back from Hollywood Boulevard. Unofficially: The partners are scrambling to reinvigorate the space. Although many think the décor is really cool with a good vibe, the tepid Southern fare never hit a homerun. Officially from PR: "They are re-conceptualizing. Don’t have new info yet, but will keep you posted when we know about re-launch." As it stands, everything's business as usual. We heard that co-owner Michael Sutton wanted to get ex-Bastide chef Ludovic Lefebvre in there, but we don't know if the French chef will bite. Ludo doesn't strike us as the Hollywood sceney type. [EaterWire Inbox]

BURBANK: Someone who sounds very in-the-know sends word that Gingergrass, Mako Trinidad Scott's Silver Lake Vietnamese spot, will be opening a second location in the Magnolia Park area. "The city signed off on the tenant improvement permit two weeks ago." [EaterWire Inbox]

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Now that Steve Marlton has an idea of where The Beach on Sunset, nee Sunset Beach, is going, it's time to focus on his other spot, Pearl on Roberston Boulevard. In May we heard from Douglas Wickard, then a partner, who said the space would become a Mexican-Japanese fusion spot called M/X. But those plans have been scrapped. According to Marlton, Wickard is out and Pearl will become Butter, a similar restaurant and nightclub but redesigned inside and out, top to bottom. He hopes Butter will open by the end of September. [EaterWire]

FAIRFAX DISTRICT: Per our still unconfirmed tidbit on the Food Dudes opening a restaurant in the former T on Fairfax space, a reader responds: "That’s my ‘hood and I was just looking in there the other night. Does not look like ANYONE is ready to open just yet. But that’s interesting news." We're not hearing much more chatter about this, but we did find out that the Food Dudes will have their own Food Network show this fall. [EaterWire Inbox]

FAIRFAX DISTRICT: We also just got this query: "This Russian deli I love, Versai, has just shut their doors, with no explanation. I’m not sure if the owner is just on some insanely long vacation, or if it’s over. I know the restaurant portion of Versai next door is basically just open for private, catered events on weekends now. But the deli had been open daily as recently as June." We'll open that one up to the room. Any takers? [EaterWire Inbox]