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Doughboys Shuttered by DOH Again

Signage from Somah, Flickr

News about Doughboys on Third Street being shuttered started trickling in late yesterday. Today, an onslaught. Most tipsters saw signs that the cafe is closed due to vermin infestation, and others mentioned "remodeling," which is often code for "vermin infestation." From one reader:

"Doughboys on 3rd was shutdown this weekend by the LA health dept. for vermin infestation as stated on the sign on the front door. The funny thing is, right above it, there's another sign that says something about during "the remodel", they found termites and that's why they are closed to remedy the situation. The "remodel" they are talking about, I think was when they were shut down a few months ago for the same thing. They said they were remodeling the kitchen back then."
We called the restaurant and asked if they closed for vermin infestation or remodeling, and the man who answered said, "A little bit of both." He said there are some permit issues pending as well (maybe something to do with not wanting to share a bathroom with El Carmen anymore, and really, who would). He hopes the restaurant will open by next week (it closed last Wednesday). This is the second DOH closure for Doughboys in three months. It's all at in the city's hands now.
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