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Cafe Pinot Filming Saga: "Inaccurate Information Has Been Disseminated"

Since the comments board just lit up with responses about what happens to staff during movie filming or other restaurant closures, we can tell that you absolutely must know more about what happened to the staff at Cafe Pinot, which closed this week so Will Smith and Charlize Theron can make movie magic. We received an official response from the Patina Group pertaining to TMZ's story today:

“Patina Restaurant Group respects its staff and makes them the utmost priority. Regarding this particular story, inaccurate information has been disseminated. The staff at Cafe Pinot were given the opportunity to take available shifts, as there is a need for staff during the filming days. Staff members that wanted to work were able to take these shifts, and many opted take advantage of the filming days to take vacation. Restaurant management directly responds to any questions and concerns raised by the staff, and we always encourage our staff to bring their concerns to management or human resources, so that we can address any issues.”
What...TMZ not getting facts straight, creating a mountain out of a molehill? Unfathomable. But just as we suspected, the staff was told ahead of time and many took the opportunity to take a holiday.
· Cafe Pinot Closed for Film Shoot, Staff Stays Home Without Pay [~ELA~]