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Power Lunching: Sushi, Steaks, Food Court Trays

On the heels of the West article claiming that Olive Garden and similar chains are the new power lunch spots in Hollywood, writer Nicole LaPorte and Grill on the Alley maitre d' Pamela Gonyea took questions from readers in a LAT live chat yesterday. These chats aren't usually very enlightening, but we find out that Michael Eisner likes Frida and Mako on Beverly Drive, servers cock-block famous people from being accosted by the plebes, and high-powered execs can be seen carrying plastic trays around the Century City mall food court. One person asked LaPorte about the future of the power lunch, "Will it continue its downward spiral or swing back to the three-martini days?" She answers:

Let's hope for some more midday martinis! No, I think there's definitely an all-around sense of budget consciousness in Hwood that affects lunching habits. But at the same time I think as LA becomes a more foodie town, with excitement over places like Mozza and Cut, you'll see the power folks heading to where good food is, not just good tables.
So this is why no one can get a table at Mozza or Cut. The Hollywood power elite have finally got some taste!
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