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The Osteria Confusion: Knowing Your La Bucas From Your Mozzas From Your Latinis

You'd think with so many Italian restaurants in LA, separating the trattorias from the cucinas from the ristorantes would be second nature. But with the current obsession over Osteria Mozza, anything with "osteria" in the name has caused a bit of confusion. From a reader who had dinner at Osteria La Buca last night:

Apparently, they have been inundated with guests arriving saying that they made a reservation, quoting the names of reservationists and managers at Osteria Mozza, not Osteria La Buca! So much hype, people aren't even sure which restaurant they are making reservations for?? La Buca thought that it was due to the "osteria" from information, but I tested it today and got the correct numbers both times.....still very funny
The beauty of this story is that Osteria La Buca only has 22 seats and is a tough reservation in its own right. Luckily it's only 1.42 miles, a mere four minutes according to Mapquest, from Osteria Mozza (both are on Melrose). It would suck to miss the Mozza res and not get a table at the other. The hostess at Angelini Osteria on Beverly Boulevard said she often gets calls from people thinking it's Osteria Mozza, and Brentwood's Osteria Latini also gets thrown in the mix. And we thought the All' Angelo/Angeli Caffe similarities were problematic. Sheesh.