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Mozza, from Chotda in the Eater LA Flickr Pool

Restaurant owners thought bloggers with cameras were their worse enemy? Try bloggers with sound measuring devices. The Knife's Dana Harris picked up a handy sound-level reader and plans on using it at every restaruant she visits for work and especially the blog. Critics like Miss Irene and our pal Michael Bauer wonder why everything is so loud these days, and true, some places are ridiculous with the music and the chatter and lack of sound absorption in the design. So why did Harris, also the editor for, decide to take matters into her own hands? "In the Industry, noisy restaurants are such a big deal. No one wants to shout their business." What?!? We couldn't hear you...

Her first victim: Pizzeria Mozza, which hovers around 80 decibels, the same as "an average factory." Harris thinks sound levels could be as important in restaurant listings as star ratings one day. Are we getting old or does that actually sound like a brilliant idea?
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