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Steamy Chefs for Charity, or Why Eater Loves Top Chef Sam Talbot

Papa Eater's catching all sorts of hell for calling photos of Top Chef resident hottie Sam Talbot "douchey." Douchey pictures or not, the ladies love him---and by the comments put forth, everyone thinks Eater does too. Yes, in that way. Note the above snap: Hordes of women hounded Talbot at last weekend's Western Foodservice & Hospitality Expo in LA, where he and fellow cheftestants Mikey and Marisa did some sort of cooking demonstration. In addition to Eater's unofficial "Win a Date With Sam Talbot" contest, he's in Glad's charity Steamiest Chef Contest, as is Dave Lieberman and, naturally, Govind Armstrong. No steamy women chefs. Are boys the only ones willing to whore themselves out for charity?
· Eater Contest: Win a Date With Sam Talbot [Eater]