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Top Chef Recap* Part I: Who's Game is It Now? *By Recap, We Mean You Will Know Who Lost Last Night

Just the other day, we found a Top Chef thread on Chowhound where just about everyone, we're talking 99.9% of the players, picked Tre to be in the bottom four for the season, if not take it all entirely. "Yeah," we thought, "sounds about right." Well today TC3 fans are in an uproar over Tre's departure. And yeah, that sounds about right. Of course, in retrospect, he didn't do amazingly well in the episode. He was the exec chef and (the way it was edited) he didn't taste his 'staff' dishes and he didn't delegate well, so he went down with the ship. As a team, they deserved to lose. As an individual, Tre did too, but it still sucks to see him go. What really has everyone buzzing is how instrumental CJ was in the fall of Tre (if at all), and later today probably tomorrw morning, we'll hear all about it from the cheftestant's mouth. Until then, please read the ever-entertaining Anthony Bourdain blog about the episode, frivolity from our friends at Amuse-Biatch, and a Q&A with judge Tom Colicchio who, as he never fails to mention, has been MIA from the Bravo blog page due to the opening of his LA restaurant Craft.