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Eat This, Pinkberry: Red Mango Certified As 'Real Yogurt'

We just received official flackage that Red Mango has been certified by the National Yogurt Association to "use the live and active culture seal" on their dessert treat, which means it's really yogurt. Poised to explode upon other cities like New York and Miami, the Frozen Yogurt War is definitely on the march. Letting everyone know that Red Mango is actually yogurt---as opposed, say, chalk or some other powdery substance---may or may or may not make a difference in the war, but we imagine it's good news for those that care. For the official release, at least the most important part, click through.


Red Mango is First Natural Frozen Yogurt Retailer to Receive Live and Active Culture Seal

Los Angeles (August 23, 2007) – Underscoring the company’s reputation as natural, authentic frozen yogurt, Red Mango today announced that the company has been approved by the National Yogurt Association (NYA) to use the Live and Active Culture (LAC) Seal. In order to place the NYA Seal on its products, Red Mango frozen yogurt was identified by the NYA as containing a significant number of live and active cultures. In addition, Red Mango had state and USDA-certified independent laboratories perform tests on samples of its products that certified that Red Mango frozen yogurt met all criteria for live and active cultures adopted by the NYA Board of Directors.

"The National Yogurt Association is pleased to authorize the use of its Live and Active Culture Seal on Red Mango frozen yogurt products," said NYA President Leslie Sarasin. "The company met the criteria for live and active cultures adopted by the NYA Board of Directors. We were very much impressed by the company's commitment to its core values, operating principles, and philosophy of helping consumers understand the healthful attributes associated with consumption of live and active culture yogurt."

“Earning the Live and Active Culture Seal was extremely important to us as we continuously aim to materialize the concept of healthy indulgence,” said Red Mango President and CEO Dan Kim. “The Live and Active Cultures Seal on our products assures our consumers that they’re getting the most from their yogurt.”

In additional to live and active cultures, Red Mango frozen yogurt is made with natural ingredients, is nonfat, and contains nutrients and probiotics that are good for one’s health, unlike traditional frozen yogurts that often contain artificial flavors, artificial sweeteners, or excessive calories from sugar and fat. Because Red Mango frozen yogurt is real yogurt, it offers a delicious and authentic natural yogurt flavor, and important nutrients such as calcium and protein.
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