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EaterWire: Slow Nights for Table 8, Joe's Pizza Update, New 'Restaurant Row' Downtown and MORE

MELROSE/FAIRFAX: Deathwatching is a strenuous sport, and it takes careful training and stamina to see the signs. From a reader: "This is definitely an early deathwatch, but a deathwatch none the less. I drove by Table 8 Wednesday night around 10p and it looked like it was closed. There was no one around, no one waiting for cars, not even a valet hanging out. Admittedly, it is a dark restaurant... So I called to see if they were open. They were serving drinks, but the kitchen was closed. (bad sign). Then I asked for a Friday dinner ressie. They said they could do anything but 8p. I don't know, it's not looking good for Govind. Maybe he spent too much time in Miami, not that he didn't look great on Top Chef." To be fair, it is late August, the month when most restaurants see a drop in business. And when it's a breezy summer night, the last place one might think to go is a goth-like dungeon for dinner, but we're sure some prefer year-round darkness, too. We'll keep a close eye on it. [EaterWire Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS: The Knife points out today that the less-than-two-month-old Tanzore is now offering 1,000 points to OpenTable users. A friend tried to cash in on the deal, but only got credited 100 points. Why? The extra points are only offered from 5pm-6:30 nightly. Maybe the restaurant got scairt? Still, extra incentive for early dinners. [EaterWire]

SANTA MONICA: Last week we got an update from the owner of NYC's Joe's Pizza of Bleecker Street: "We are moving fast on the final stages of construction.. Hopefully we'll open in a few weeks." We did note a Craigslist ad looking for help a couple weeks ago, and the shop has been assigned a phone number (310.395.9222), both very good signs. [EaterWire]

DOWNTOWN: There's a new 'restaurant row' rising up, if three restaurants are considered 'a row.' From one of our most reliable tipsters: "Seems as though the one vacant store between e3rd Steakhouse and Zip Fusion Sushi will become Blue Dahlia, per the just activated beer and wine license." e3rd and Zip are both owned by Jason Ha?wonder if he's involved with the newcomer? [EaterWire Inbox]

NORTH HOLLYWOOD: And sad news from the Valley: "Rona Newman, who with her husband Herb owned and also ran the Steak Joynt in North Hollywood, had a stroke a few weeks ago. Herb could not run two places, meaning the Oyster House on Moorpark in Studio City by himself, and they just closed the place." We're told a nearby BMW dealer will demolish the building in the next few weeks for expansion. RIP the Steak Joynt. [EaterWire Inbox/The Shutter]