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Name Alain Giraud's New Brasserie!

The Clocktower, Dontaskme, Flickr

Over at the LA Times Daily Dish blog, Leslie Brenner talks to Alain Giraud about his upcoming brasserie in the Crocker "clocktower" building in Santa Monica. Giraud says the look will be classic brasserie, "brass, with wood, copper, banquettes, mirrors on the columns, et cetera," and that the menu is still in the works, but he expects it to be fairly traditional and straightforward. The chatter was that the restaurant would open early fall, but the group (Giraud and the Falcon's owners) won't get the space until November, which probably means a January opening. And what of the name?:

"Ahem, ahem! Deadline for the name is soon!" says Giraud. "I think we give a different name to the restaurant each week. It's an embarrassing question. We have maybe 200 names. I like Brasserie du Marché, but the accent on the e is a problem. I love the Clocktower, but nobody likes it. Clocktower Brasserie! Brasserie Brasserie! If you think of a good name, call me!"
Oh, Alain. We'll do so much better than that. Attention all Eaters: If you have a good name for Giraud's new brasserie, leave it on our NOW-WORKING COMMENTS SECTION*. We'll make sure he gets it. Who knows, if you win, maybe you'll a get a lifetime supply of poulet.

*We're just dipping our toes into the world of comments. Trepidation, fear, angst, call it what you will. But if everyone's feelin' it, we'll flip the comments switch for the entire site. So play nice and mama will reward.
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