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Plywood Progress Report The Myers Empire: Boule Atelier, Comme Ca

We'll have many more Plywood Progress Reports this week, but we'll stop here for the day. See something opening soon in the neighborhood? Do let us know.


PLYWOOD: Here we have Michelle Myers' Boule Atelier, which will replace the orginal Boule a few doors down on La Cienega. When we popped in for a pistachio/vanilla ice cream over the weekend, the sweet scooper told us that the new location will open on September 10; the invitation that just hit our inbox for the opening party confirms. No rips in the paper or signage, so we couldn't see inside. Two or three weeks after the Atelier opens, the new Beverly Hills location will open, and the existing Boule will become, um, not sure. [Eater Staff]


PLYWOOD: The front of David Myers new brasserie Comme Ca has looked like this for weeks if not months. We're told eventually it will look like a house, but right now it's just white window panes and textured cement. There's a help wanted sign in the window, and inside, definite work being done but still pretty much a clean slate. It's not a super large spot, so we hope the rumored oyster bar has at least a few good seats. Word is the brasserie should open in September, probably mid to late. So this makes three (two Boules, one brasserie) spots opening for the David and Michelle Myers group in one month, all within (except for the BH Boule) within walking distance of Sona. Smart. [Eater Staff]