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Plywood Progress Report Beverly Boulevard: Terroni, Jian

PLYWOOD: For Toronto's foray into the local pizza scene we have Terroni, which has much more to it since the last time we checked in. On Saturday, men were painting the exterior and inside floors were being stained and some structures are in place (deli case, refrigeration?). Note the new windows that might just open to the sidewalk. We believe the graphics on the side of the building are Toronto street names. One of the workers said the restaurant should open in a month "or so." [Eater Staff]


PLYWOOD: Jian Korean BBQ on the corner of Beverly and Harper where Em Bistro used to be is still completely boarded up, but if you peek through the cracks of that plywood you'll see new dark-wood window boxes along the front.


If you were so brazen to step in the back door and look inside, you'll note lots of construction still, including things that looked like gas lines around the room. Those are probably for the grill tables we heard about and see here in this rendering (below). According to someone from the Jia Hospitality Kitchen group, the restaurant will "hopefully" open mid-September. [Eater Staff]


Does Jian look angry, tough, or like he had too many chile peppers?