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Amaranta Cocina Mexicana, the Restaurant We're Not Allowed to Tell You About

Celebrity tabloids are always fighting to get the exclusive on who's didddlying who or which starlet is going to jail today. With so much competition out there with the blogs and the chat rooms and the message boards, it was only a matter of time for the same tactics to hit the world of restaurants. We recieved this from a flack firm today:

I read your blog on Eater LA all the time, and Amaranta Cocina Mexicana would love to be featured on your site, but currently we are trying to secure an online editorial exclusive with DailyCandy, and per that, have not begun reaching out to any online media at the moment.
What does Amaranta Cocina Mexicana in Canoga Park, with "cozy leather booths set against a vivid fuchsia backdrop" and an extensive tequila menu, think about holding information back from media? No doubt Daily Candy has a wide reach and can hit inboxes with an "open today" announcement like no one's business, but by the time its out there, it's already old news. It's all about pre-opening buzz, baby. Too bad we can't give Amaranta Cocina Mexicana any.