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BREAKING: Bastide Finally Opens? It Can't Be

Well the LAT Daily Dish has it that Joe Pytka will finally throw open the door to Bastide on September 5. We've definitely heard this one before: The last hard date was April 15, then it was mid-July, and then chef Walter Manzke told us "it's not going to open until it's ready to open." Manzke (with a 'z' not 's') and his pastry chef wife will run with only a dinner menu first, but Pytka claims he'll open for breakfast and lunch down the road. We wandered by this weekend and there was nary a peep coming from behind those gated doors; the olive tree leaves were blowing in the breeze and that's about it. Still, the staff might just be ready for the post-Labor Day debut. The LAT seems to forget that Miss Irene stripped Bastide of three stars and left one dangling, not two, after Ludovic Lefebvre replaced Alain Giraud. From what we hear, Manzke might just be the guy to take it back to at least three stars. The reservation lines are supposed to open today, so get your dialing fingers ready: 323.651.5950.
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