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Plywood/Dish 3rd Street Mashup: Food Court L.A. Open, Joan's Expands Soon

We have a lot of Plywood Progress Reports today, so we'll group by neighborhood. Oh, September is going to be a big month. Huge.


DISH: On Saturday, Food Court L.A had chairs in place, mirrors on the walls, windows semi-clean, looking like it could open any day now. And sure enough, a reader sends word that it was open last night. Fast turnaround: Signage was only spotted earlier this month. So far, the website is still static and no one answers the phone, so this could be the ultra-soft opening. Stay tuned. [Eater LA]


POST-PLYWOOD: Just a few doors down, we learned that Joan's on Third's new expanded self should be open in two to three weeks, so said our helpful counterperson. That extra space will be a boon for the café you can barely walk in there as it is. FYI: Chocolate cupcake with chocolate sprinkles is good; chocolate-peanut butter cupcake makes mouth feel like a dog eating peanut butter. [Eater LA]