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The Shutter: Acapulco La Cienega

WEST HOLLYWOOD: Not that anyone's going to shed tears over this, but the Acapulco Mexican Restaurant on La Cienega Blvd. has apparently closed. We got two emails about it today. Reader #1 said she noticed workmen in there yesterday. Reader #2 sent this Craigslist ad:

This spacious former cocktail lounge/restaurant is available November 1 to January 31, 2008.

9,000 square feet of flex space is distributed between 2 floors in a free standing building on a 27,000 square foot lot. Private parking lot is included! This would be PERFECT for those looking to set up a seasonal shop or Christmas Tree sales! A full lot of parking is available!

This closing must have been swift: the phone number still works, although no one answers, and the location is still listed on the Acapulco site. Basically right next to Sona, in the heart of the Myers' vortex, that's prime real estate to waste on Christmas trees. Unless there's hot chocolate involved. Then maybe it can work.
· $9500 / 9000ft² - HUGE Seasonal Space with Parking Available! [Craigslist]