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Todd English and Eva's Beso (or De Nada?) in October

This is such a random rumor, we can't help but put it out there. The restaurant that Todd English and Eva Longoria are involved in has been called Beso just about everywhere. But then we found this article where Longoria calls it De Nada, and we heard her publicist recently called it that, too. Perhaps the Cosmo interview is old, and because Eva's involvement is so miniscule, why would her publicist know the real name of the restaurant? We think we're getting closer to the answer. Nation's Restaurant News not only calls the resto Beso, but also has a little more info---including a much later debut---and confirmation that Todd English is involved:

Prolific celebrity chef Todd English is planning to open a Spanish restaurant in October as his first venture in Los Angeles. The place would be called Beso, which means “kiss” in Spanish. A spokesperson described it as “a Spanish version of Olives,” English’s first restaurant, which opened in Charlestown, Mass., in 1989. There are now six Olives outlets nationwide. Beso will feature Latin themed small plates and shared dishes like paella, as well as an organic juice bar. Desparate Housewives star Eva Longoria is reportedly an investor.
Now this comes from a restaurant industry magazine, so the chef/restaurateur is the focus, with the celebrity factor just a mention. And an October opening sounds much more realistic. We really don't care if Eva's involved; the fact that yet another celebrity chef has his sights on LA is much bigger news. Calls to Boston were placed for confirmation on everything so stay tuned.
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