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Lowenbrou Keller Closing 'When the Food Runs Out'

Photo via Tiki Central Forums

The sad news that the wonderous schnitzelfuck Lowenbrou Keller would close this month spread like wildfire. An Eater operative went last night and sends word that the teutonic restaurant might get a slight reprieve:

I was one of the die-hearts that had to go pay my respects to Lowenbrau Keller last of maybe 20 people at the most. You know that the restaurant cannot handle more diners than fact they turned people away! Well, after we gobbled down our last veal schnitzel for a while, we pumped our waitress Amy for info on the status of the place.

According to waitress Amy, as long as there's sausage, there's Keller:

The restaurant will remain open until the transfer of the liquor license to the new owners or the current owner finally runs out of food - whichever comes first! Let me tell you, there are no more menus. When we asked to place our order, Amy went into the kitchen and took a tally on what was left and basically those were our choices. I have a feeling that they will be running out of food very soon.

We did find out that the new owners are tuning the place into a "lounge" complete with all of the decor just the way it is. At least it's finally a new lounge concept in LA.

Raise your steins high, friends. The Lowenbrou Keller will live!
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