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Dining in Solitude at Osteria Mozza: Good or Bad?

Osteria Mozza tried to take things slow in the beginning. First they only took a certain number of reservations for those lucky enough to get through the phone lines, then a few more opened up, and even more as the weeks went on. Now, as the staff feels more confident and everyone undoubtedly wants to make more money, a small addition to the main dining room was made available for extra seating. But according to some Hounds, sitting in this room is like sitting at the "kiddie table" or worse:

No one was being seated in that room when we went on July 21. In fact, we were speculating that it might be a handicapped entrance or a door for celebrities to slip in through with less notice. We didn't realize it was the the entrance to the Mozza detention hall. Definitely specify you don't want to dine with the short bus kids in there. I am almost positive they won't give you a firm yes that they won't stick you in the shame hole room, though.
The room probably wouldn't be so bad as long as the staff remembers people are sitting in there. According to GM David Rosoff, that room is neither the "kiddie-table room" or where the "shame room," it's the "patio room," and one staffer called it "the Mario room," which we think has something to do with the rolicking party he threw there when the restaurant opened. But as for asking not to sit in the back room, Rosoff says, "If guests request specific locations, we do our best to accommodate but never guarantee." In a word, you're SOL.
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