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BastideWatch: Pytka and Co. Take the Night Off, Dine at Osteria Mozza

We're not sure what this means exactly, but Joe Pytka and Bastide's exec chef Walter Manzke were at Osteria Mozza Saturday night. The group took over two tables right in the middle of the room, several people stopped by to wish them well, and if we were better lip readers, we're pretty sure a few said, "When are you opening that fucking restaurant already?" Then again, they could've been saying, "Don't miss the grilled octopus and agnolotti." Our waiter confirmed that it was indeed Pytka (really...who else can get away with that hair in LA?) and said the sommelier was part of the crew, too. So the entire Bastide management team goes to Osteria Mozza either to 1) check out the competition or 2) like a starlet needing press before her next movie debut, hits up The Ivy the hottest resto in town to say "Yes, I'm still here bitches!" It would make sense for the group to have one last hoorah before it's showtime?could we really be days away?
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