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Eater Headhunter: Craft, Cut, Comme Ca, Staff Needed Everywhere

Everyone knows that August is a slow month for restaurants: Shows are on hiatus, vacations happen, it's hot. But who knew it's time for big staff changeovers too? Yes, yes, there are tons of yogurtista and barista spots open all over town. But several high-end, high-profile restaurants are looking for front and back of the house help. Have all the wannabe-actor servers given up on the dream and left town? Or is it because so many places have opened, it's time for musical restaurants? Craigslist is rife with opportunity. Let's just hope they all get it together by September.
· A coveted server position open at Cut
· Craft has a slew of openings, lunch is on horizon
· David Myers holding interviews for Comme Ca this week
· Tracht's in Long Beach looking for nine cooks. Nine!
· The Hungry Cat needs an assistant manager
· Michael's in Santa Monica looking for a chef