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NYC to LA: The Cupcake War of Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills will soon become the center of a good old-fashioned East Coast/West Coast rap sugar war. We're tipped off that the cupcakery a reader heard was opening on Santa Monica Blvd. is in fact Upper West Side-import Crumbs Bake Shop. It's not news that another New Yorker invades LA, or even that another cupcake will make its debut, but it is news that Crumbs will open exactly .18 miles---that's two whole blocks, people---from Sprinkles, LA's first cupcake trendsetter. The offerings couldn't be more different: Sprinkles are all petit, with cute clean designs and clearly defined flavors; while Crumbs are ginormous sticky-sweet flavor bombs like Oreo, Fluffernutter and Reese's Peanut Butter Cup. We give Manhattan Pinkberry, they give us pizza, steak, Batali, and now, cupcakes. Are they trying to tell us something?

According to its website, Crumbs opened in 2003 with stores that "are inspired by old-time candy shops and are warm and inviting with wood cases, tiled floors and wall to wall treats." This will be their seventh location, and the first out of New York. More than 25 cupcake varieties are baked daily, plus a new cupcake of the week, and other home-style treats. They even let Howard Stern sidekick Artie Lange "design" a cupcake for charity. Word from NYC is that it will open by the end of August.
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