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BREAKING: Sunset Beach Rises Again

We just called to confirm this, but facts are still sketchy: The sail-fronted Sunset Beach in West Hollywood reopened last Thursday. A restaurant staffer says the menu is completely different and they're only serving on the first floor now. PR is regrouping. Let's take a step back in time... Sunset Beach opened in October last year, then closed before it's grand opening in November, then it was open for special events only, and then it closed altogether earlier this year. Who could keep up? We lost interest until we saw a change-of-ownership sign in May and heard everything would change---the menu, the design, the concept---and reopen by June or July. We don't know for sure what's new, who's in charge, or what they're serving yet, but it's open! With this track record, we're betting on a November shutter. Stay tuned.
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