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Hidden's Hidden Secrets, and Michael Bao's Bao 323

OK, just for the record: We care more about the restaurant than the investors, really we do, but apparently we ticked off some major music fans in this town after our little blurb about Warren Cuccurullo, investor to the soon-to-open Hidden restaurant in Santa Monica. While we mentioned that Warren was in Duran Duran, we didn't give him credit for being one of the founding members of Missing Persons. Ok people, it's corrected. No more with the music references; that's not why we're here. Although?in addition to Warren, we hear other investors include poker champion Jamie Gold, producer Warren Zide (American Pie), Star 98.7 DJ Lisa Foxx, and TMZ's arch-nemesis CSIer Gary Dourdan. The tipster with all the dish says Hidden will open in September, not this month as previously reported.

More interesting was this: That little project we alluded to, the one Warren Cuccurullo and chef Michael Bao (NYC's Mai House, Bao 111) are putting together? It will be Bao323 and will open on Sunset Blvd. sometime in spring 2008. This wasn't official flackage, but reads like it: "Meant to be Michael Bao’s greatest hits parade, the chef plans to bring his greatest dishes, like tender short rib on lemongrass skewer; and a bit of needed style to Hollywood. Design wise, the space will offer a casual, modern atmosphere with Asian touches like mother of pearl paneling, lacquered ware table from Vietnam."
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