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FW: Craft Experience

Welcome back to the Eater Complaints Dept. where Eater readers are invited to vent, vent, vent, and never get kicked off the boards. Got a gripe or a praise? Window #2 is open.

From: Anonymous
Date: Thursday, August 9
To: eater complaints dept.
Subject: Craft Experience

Last night my husband and I and another couple went to Craft for dinner. We had been excited to try it not because its an LA "Hot Spot", but because we are big fan's of Tom's on Top Chef and his restaurant in NY. We both work in Hollywood and could care less what's showy or "in". Although we are both represented at CAA, we made the reservations on our own several weeks ago and I was told it would be no problem to have a table for 4.

The problem began when we arrived. We entered the 1/3rd full restaurant, and were walked right back outside and were shown a table on the huge patio. It was a cool night and the patio area is very drafty. For whatever reason, there ARE NO HEAT LAMPS?!?! It was freezing and because I had no idea we would be seated outdoors, I hadn't dressed for it at all - nor had my any of my three companions.

We very nicely asked if there was a table inside, and even said we would wait if we had to because it would be impossible to dine out there comfortably. The hostess said she thought there was no way and simply walked away. As we sat and deliberated over whether to stay, the very nice waiter came and informed there was a stack of pashminas in back and he would bring me one (maybe in winter they bring you electric socks?!?) My husband decided to ask one more time to be accommodated since the restaurant was not very busy and it was already 8:30 (Wed night) -- the tables would clearly not all be filled.

Moments later he came back and said "let's go" -- apparently the hostesses berated HIM, telling him that I had been informed the table would be outside (I can absolutely say that was not the case). We left and had a great meal elsewhere.

We will never go back. If we want an obnoxious velvet-rope experience, we'll go stand outside Winston's! We eat frequently at restaurants like AOC, Lucques and other upscale places, and I have never been treated this shodily when we are prepared to drop serious bucks on dinner.


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