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Eater StarWatch: Vince Vaughn at the Dresden, Kate Bosworth at Mozza, Britney's Cravings and MORE

So is everyone but us sipping champagne in Saint-Tropez this week? Hit us up when you get back with a few StarWatch sightings, won't you?

DRESDEN: Fridays have been celeb-studded lately the Los Feliz lounge. Last week, Mandy Moore and Jason Segel from How I Met Your Mother; our informant says it definitely looked like a date. Multiple reports of Vince Vaughn holding court in the back room, where he was especially sweet to one fan too starstruck to speak. Vince said, "Hey, what's your name? Give me a hug." Awwwww. [StarWatch Inbox; Defamer]

OSTERIA MOZZA: Emerging from the private room in back, Kate Bosworth in a short black dress, carrying a large black bag that was hopefully filled with leftovers. [Defamer]

CRAFT: Hitting the power dinner spot yet again was Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa, we're told with Mirthala Salinas. He got up and worked the room, saying hello to everyone whether they are constituents or not. [StarWatch Inbox]

CRAVINGS: StarWatch regular Britney Spears craved the Sunset Strip restaurant so much she brought her two sleepy babies out for a dinner that lasted until 10:30pm. [US]

LA POUBELLE: Grey's Anatomy stars Katherine Heigl and T.R. Knight and Heigl's fiance, singer/songwriter Josh Kelley, lunched at the Franklin Strip cafe. [US]

TOWER BAR: Fashionista Tom Ford and didn't-he-used-to-be-a-director? Oliver Stone (not together) at the Sunset Strip hotel bar. [Defamer]

IN-N-OUT: Carrie Fisher got hers in Sherman Oaks while Seth Green hit up the Universal City location for trademarked fare from the only Animal™-licensed establishments in town. [Defamer] [Defamer]