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Top Chef Teaser: The Chefs Take a Field Trip, and We Know Where They're Headed

We just got our hands on a couple previews for this Wednesday's Top Chef episode, and while they uncover very little, we'll try to decipher what we saw for the hell of it. In one, three of the final six chefs (Dale, Casey, CJ) talk about making it to the final six. Let's just agree that one of those three will most likely be cut this week. Then we thought Dale said he was in the top four. (Our brain: "OMG! Did someone screw up and edit in a clip from a later show? Did Dale just say he was in the top four?!") We now realize that our overzealous search for potential spoilers got the best of us. Dale talks about how he wanted to make it to the final six, and now that he has, his goal is to make it to the final four. So it's almost a given he'll be in the bottom two this week. But then the goofy faux-hawked chef unleashes a tiny bit of spoilage.

On Bravo, teasers for this week's episode show the chefs getting tickets for a trip, but the where is kept a secret. In the video we watched Dale says, "We'll see what New York has to throw at me." So coupled with the title of this week's ep ("Snacks on a Plane"), let's surmise that the cheftestants make airplane food for a flight from Miami to NYC (unless they never actually fly anywhere, a la the nightlife challenge where they never went into the club; boy will Casey be pissed). Dale also says he has one pair of jeans with him. Wait, what? He is gay, right? According to TV listings, the guest judge is Jimmy Canora, former special events chef for Tribeca Grill now owner of NYC Culinary Events. We apologize for not putting said clip on the website, but we're not particularly tech savvy today. Just take our word for it.