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BREAKING: Mozza's "B" Rating

See, this is what happens when a restaurant widely touted as the best in the city, with the best pizza, chef, vibe, menu, etc. slips in its DOH standings: Everyone notices. Since late last week, we received an onslaught of emails from mostly drive-by observers that Pizzeria Mozza went from an "A" letter grade to a "B." We've heard everything from "Oh no!" to "Ew." In May, the restaurant scored a 93 with points taken off for "shellfish tags," "hood," and "facility not fully enclosed," all minor infractions with little to no real impact on the quality of food. The new report isn't online yet, the inspector is out today (do all city inspectors have Mondays off or what?), and we're not calling the restaurant at crazy lunchtime to ask, so we don't really know why the B.

Everyone notices the grade, but will the slippage deter them? Most likely, no. From one tipster: "Can we discuss the fact that I was at Pizzeria Mozza last night and the rating is a B? Just wanted to let you was still delicious."
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