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Eater DrinkWire: The Griffin Manhattan, The Beermeister, Extreme Vegas Cocktails and MORE

Just because it's Monday doesn't mean it's too early to start thinking about drinking. In that spirit, we offer you this special liquidized edition of EaterWire.

LAX: Beer drinkers are about the only people who'd be caught dead going to the Four Points by Sheraton simply to drink. Today we're introduced to the 27-year-old responsible for choosing all the beers for the hotel chain's Best Brews program, and get this, he says he rarely gets drunk. Sounds like someone's not putting in enough hours at the office. [LAT]

LAS VEGAS: Bars in Vegas serve $3000 cocktails with 23-carat gold flakes and a diamond straw, or cheaper versions with apparently toxic chemicals named things like Warp Core Breach which we are warned not to stick our fingers into. Maybe that's what gave Britney that tranquilized look last night. [LAT]

ATWATER VILLAGE: At bar-of-the-moment The Griffin, Eating L.A. is mostly pleased (especially with the jukebox) but wants to dispel one rumor: Although some blogs have reported not-so-neighborly prices, $12 got her a Newcastle and a mean Manhattan. [Eating L.A.]

PASADENA: If you can ignore the whole "break out your jeans and favorite cowboy shirt" bit, the Heritage Wine Company throws its annual Central Coast Wine Fest on Sept. 22. Robert Hall, Eberle, Taz, Au Bon Climat and a bunch more wines will be on hand, with Santa Maria-style barbecue (that means tri-tip, people) to soak it up. It's outside (in the park across from the wine store), it's not crazy packed, and it's only $40. Proceeds to to the American Red Cross. [EaterWire]