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BREAKING: Kumo Finally Comes Out of Its Shell

WEST HOLLYWOOD: After months of delays and really just a lot of silence, we hear from former SBEer Daniela Danilovic that Kumo will finally (soft) open in the former Citrine space this Friday. She tells us that the paper will stay up until then ("I've learned my lesson.") so here's what we know: The entire space was gutted and reconfigured; and like the name (which means "cloud" in Japanese; we keep referencing oysters) it's all white except for the blue floor. The same fin-like things we see on the outside are carried throughout the space, which is also full of custom-designed paintings and some digital art. We asked who designed it and Danilovic says it was "Michael's vision." That would be Hollywood mogul Michael Ovitz, who also backed Hamasaku.There's a full bar that will pump out specialty cocktails, plus a sushi bar and full kitchen for "high-end Japanese fare." As for Danilovic, we asked if she was the manager a partner or what. "I'm developing the brand." Does this mean more Kumos in the future? What does Ovitz have up his sleeve? Kumo (located at 8360 Melrose Avenue) will open for dinner Mon.-Sat. and add lunch in a few weeks.
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