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Frozen Yogurt Wars Cont.: Sno:La Opens With Freebies, Dolci Mango and Green Apple Soon to Ooze

The tangy froyo battle came to a virtual standstill during the downturn of summer, but the armies are suiting up once again. Hear the hum of new whirring yogurt machines in your neighborhood? Let us know.


BEVERLY HILLS: Odd spelling aside, Sno:LA frozen yogurt debuts tomorrow. We knew it was coming but heard people were getting free samples this week, and then a tipster sent in the above snap. We called to verify: Soft opening today with free samples until 4pm. We also learn that Sno:La's yogurt is made from organic dairy sweetened with fruit juice and purees, toppings are mostly organic, and the menu goes beyond green tea and "plain" flavors. Beneficiaries of the aforementioned free samples said sour cherry and chocolate flavors were both dreamy. Instead of an annoying song and "swirly goodness," the gimmick here is green: biodegradable bowls, wood spoons, recycled products used in the design, and get this, proceeds go to Slow Food and other such causes. The helpful staffer told us that the shop officially opens tomorrow from 11am to 11pm. Sno:LA is at 244 N. Beverly Dr., just north of Wilshire. [FroyoWire; Chowhound]


GLENDALE: In the continuing saga of the Glendale Froyo Vortex, our operative sends new signage for Dolci Mango, which is opening a mere 100 feet from Frutti Italian Yogurt on Brand Boulevard. "No signage announcing an opening date." Dolci's signs lagged behind Frutti, but he thinks it will open first. [FryoWire Inbox]

BEVERLY HILLS: One reader questions, "What is a Green Apple?" Another answers: "I just passed Green Apple that is currently under construction in the strip mall on Wilshire and Crescent next to Wahoo's. The door was open and I saw two frozen yogurt machines (the triple-header variety). Thank God they have chosen to continue with the time-honored Color + Fruit = Swirly Goodness protocol." Not open yet, no one answers phone, we're sure it's on the oozy horizon. [FroyoWire Inbox]

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