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Campanile's Grilled Cheese, and Mark Peel's Peel

Now, we're all about spreading a good rumor now and then, but we're also fond of nipping others in the bud before they get out of hand. Case in point: A lactose-concerned tipster writes us in a panic about Campanile's legendary Thursday nights: "A friend of mine and three of his companions went to Campanile for the Thursday Grilled Cheese Night. When they couldn't find any but two on the menu, they asked their waiter who huffed and confirmed that those were the only two grilled cheeses available. He did say that it seemed as if the waiter had been asked that very same question all night. Could this mean the end of Campanile's Grilled Cheese Night? Please say it ain't so!" Well, it ain't so, says manager Jay Perrin:

They must have gone somewhere else. The only other possibility is their idea of a grilled cheese. If they mean two pieces of bread with cheese in the middle then perhaps they are close. We have always had open face tartines that don't resemble the traditional is still one of our most rocking nights of the week. Mark works the bar now instead of Nancy that is the only difference.
Now that that's settled, let's get an update on that little wine bar plan Perrin and Peel have planned at the former Oasis...

Right at this moment, Perrin is up north meeting with San Francisco-based Gary Hutton, who will be designing the new space. The "workshop for food and wine" will probably be named Peel, not MJ, as previously hinted. As for an opening date, Perrin can only say this: "The pace of opening a restaurant is slower than molasses in Los Angeles." As if we didn't know.
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