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The Dish Sweets Edition: Crumbs, Paulette, Antigua Bread, Grateful Bread

Who needs tangy frozen yogurt anyway. Here, some recent arrivals you can really sink your sweet teeth into. See something throw open its doors? Dish here.


BEVERLY HILLS: New York export Crumbs was technically supposed to open this Friday, but we just heard from owner Harley Bauer: "Most likely after the weekend now. A few minor delays of course." Hear that, Sprinkles? You get a few more days before it's an outright cupcake war. [9465 S. Santa Monica Blvd., 310.550.9811]

BEVERLY HILLS: A few blocks away, Paulette Koumetz's macaron shop Paulette soft opened last week, in a space designed by Sprinkles creative director Andrea Lenardin Madden. Looks like someone just lobbed a macaron grenade into the the Great Cupcake War. [9466 Charleville Blvd., 310.275.0023]

HIGHLAND PARK: The highly-anticipated traditional Guatemalan bakery Antigua Bread finally opened last week. Hounds report good sandwiches, solid breakfast and---as we'd expect of anything from Guatemala---great coffee. [5703 N. Figueroa Ave., 323.259.9345]

SANTA MONICA: Yes, that new French bakery on Montana serving pastries and a few sandwiches is indeed named Grateful Bread (must... refrain... from... making... stoner... jokes). From the same folks who brought us Brentwood's Belwood Bakery. [1518 Montana Ave., 310.394.7178]