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EaterWire: No Drive-Thrus for WeHo, Rachel Ray-Alike Next Food Network Star Open Calls on Monday

A little this and that for the Wire today. Got a tip? Lay it on us.

WEST HOLLYWOOD: We've learned that the reason the giant coffee/smoothie shop opening on the corner of Robertson and Santa Monica boulevards can't have a drive-thru window---the whole business model of the forthcoming Java Detour---is because no one can. From a tipster: "They [drive-thrus] have been banned in the City since incorporation in 1984. Any existing ones were grandfathered in, but no new ones have been allowed. Starbucks on Sunset next to Saddle Ranch tried to sneak in a drive-thru window but were quickly busted." Good to know. [EaterWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: Angelenos just can't catch a break in the televised cooking competitions, but if you're ready to try your hand at one, the Next Food Network Star will hold open calls on Monday, Sept. 17 at Chefs Inc. on Pico Blvd. Dana at The Knife suggests brushing up on Rachel Rayisms and using jazz hands, which equals the calls for "personality--show us yours!" LA caterer Paul McCullough didn't win last season, but a caterer from San Diego took the prize. [EaterWire Inbox]