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If You Thought We Geek Out on Top Chef...

We know you know we tried our hand at some Top Chef spoilage that didn't pan out, and that we love the show, our local contestants, and general TC gabbery. For those of you not on the TC3 bandwagon, you're probably screaming "Stop with the Top Chef shit!" as we write this, and to you, we ask to bear with us until October 3 when the live finale airs. But if you thought we were bad, get a load of this comment from a previous post:

You guys are killing friend and I are doing a Fantasy Top Chef, we each picked a team of chefs and have a scoring system for quickfire and elimination challenges. The prize is dinner. Our teams are pretty evenly matched and it is spooky how it seems like the show knows our match-ups.

But, when I saw your "spoiler alert" yesterday about CJ, I felt pretty confident. Much to my chagrin, he gets eliminated. At this point I have Brian and Sara left on my team and he has Dale, Casey and Hung. We are tied 24 points a piece. I think it is Hung's to lose. But could you please post a "spoiler alert" to help me out?

Done and done. But lesson learned: Never trust a blogger. No, ALWAYS trust a blogger. We apologize that our CJ spoiler swayed you, but you win some [see Season 2], you lose some. Now about your teams, they look equally Top Chef?
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