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Trifecta NOT Closed, Just on Hiatus

DOWNTOWN: Last month we reported, via the Los Angeles Downtown News, that the upscale sports lounge Trifecta filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy and closed. Sound like a final nail in the coffin? Nope. Today we get an email from someone who says it's not closed for good, just closed for remodeling and will open soon with a new menu, new look, and even something about "arcade games and karaoke." That would leave one to believe new ownership took hold, but no: Hardball Productions still owns the lounge. We spoke with a representative from the group who confirmed that Trifecta is being "updated," and it will tentatively open by the end of the month. About that little bankruptcy thing? "No comment." And rumors of air hockey and karaoke are just that, rumors. He said the problems with Trifecta---shoddy plumbing for one---made it "a victim of circumstance." The upscale sports lounge (with $15 hot dogs) concept must work on some levels: According to the Hardball Productions website, two will open in Atlantic City and St. Louis soon.
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