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Eater StarWatch: LC at Murano, Hilary Swank at NVG, Christina at the Little Door, Drew at Pace and MORE

Summer's over, kids. No more Polaroid Beach House for the celebs to hide in. They're out and about, so if you see them---especially fighting over a missing reservation---please, fill us in.


MURANO: A Hills fan ventured to the West Hollywood resto and was welcomed by a camera crew filming an episode, with star Lauren Conrad "looking all dolled up." [StarWatch Inbox]

NAPA VALLEY GRILLE: Friday night saw Hilary Swank and CAA agent boyfriend John Campesi having drinks and eating at the bar. [StarWatch Inbox]

THE LITTLE DOOR: Enjoying a romantic meal at the 3rd Street eatery were Jordan Bratman, Christina Aguilera and that little unannounced baby in her belly. [People]

PACE: Mac-compatible Drew Barrymore and Justin Long were testing out each other's software at the Laurel Canyon Italian joint. [Defamer]

STROH'S GOURMET: Owen Wilson and his "$750-a-day sober companion" had lunch at the Abbot Kinney cafe. [Splash News Online]

THE LODGE: That Dylan routine still works every time, don't it? Luke Perry dined with a "gorgeous blonde" at the Beverly Hills steakhouse. [Planet Gossip]

CAT & FIDDLE: Uncle Jun! The Sopranos' Dominic Chianese was seated in the Hollywood pub's courtyard with a pretty young thing. [Defamer]

BREADBAR: The "powerful glare" of Jon Voight was felt at the Century City location. He sure does love to support his local bakeries. [Defamer]

PHILLIPS' BARBECUE: Roots/Reading Rainbow/Star Trek: The Next Generation star LeVar Burton soaking up some Inglewood BBQ. Says the tip: "I shit you not, his vanity plate says KUNTA." [Defamer]