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Wait, Osteria Mozza's IN the Thirty Mile Zone, Right?

Maybe the Osteria Mozza hostess hasn't seen TMZ on TV, which launched on Monday, but doesn't she know who Harvey Levin is dammit?! Now that everyone (who doesn't regularly watch Larry King Live or Nancy Grace) sees's managing editor Levin in all his glory on a daily basis, we'll probably start getting many more of these kinds of tips:

Last night Harvey Levin was spotted at Mozza Osteria having a fit because they wouldn't squeeze him in. Claimed he had a reservation, but none was to be found.
It's fitting that Levin would want to rub egos elbows with the many many many many many celebs who go to Osteria Mozza, especially if he thinks the show is well received. But we don't know if it's true; in fact, GM David Rosoff told us that he didn't "see anything fitting that description," but he didn't say Levin wasn't there. Wouldn't it be sweet, creamy burrata justice if the tipster was one of the celebs TMZ cameramen aggressively stalk? Even creamier if they just want to start a rumor on a gossip blog. We're just sayin...

UPDATE: A TMZ insider just wrote in to say: "In the interest of truth, Harvey was never at Mozza." Then she asked us to ease up because "it makes him look like an idiot." We'll just stop there.