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From Chef to Stardom: Tom Colicchio's Emmy Weekend

There are celebrity chefs, and then there are chef celebrities. When we talked with Tom Colicchio in July, just days after he opened Craft in Century City, he admitted that with the success of Top Chef, it's strange being thought of as a "celebrity," and that at the end of the day, he's just a chef with a wife and a kid and few good restaurants. Humble, right? Let's hope Emmy weekend doesn't go to his head. Craft will be adjacent to the big splashy Hollywood pre-Emmy bash taking place in Century Park tomorrow. And we hear he's walking the carpet at the Shrine Auditorium for the Emmys on Sunday (Top Chef got a nod for Outstanding Reality Competition Program). Will Gail be on one arm and Padma on the other? Here's a tip: You might be a celebrity when a some woman stops you during an early-morning surf to swoon over your TV show, not your seasonal fare. Another sign is making Defamer's celeb-stalker Privacywatch, even if it's a sighting in your own restaurant.


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