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Staff Exodus at Sunset Beach?

For the record: We'll never take a disgruntled ex-employee's suggestion that their former employeer should be on a Deathwatch. It's really not that easy. We will, however, accept an email from a former employee who says things might not be all beachy at the newly rehatched Beach on Sunset/Sunset Beach:

I have been working there for a few weeks and recently quit. Several managers have quit or have been fired. The staff changes almost weekly and so do the chefs. The most recent chefs and manager just quit. There is a complete lack of customers and everyone working there is lost. I cant see them lasting more than a week or two -- the word has gotten out and no one wants to work there!
Status of exodus: Completely unconfirmed, but we don't doubt the tipster entirely (see: Gonpachi). Sunset Beach closed after only a few months the first time around, and maybe the addition of plasma TVs, greasy bar food and cheap birdbath-size cocktails just isn't enough for survival. That space is huge, so it needs something really spectacular to survive. We'll watch and wait.
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