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Sign Of the Times: Happi Songs Needs an Arroyo Boost

This here is the inaugural post for Sign Of the Times, a new feature where we'll highlight---preferably in photo form---wacky, irreverent, mundane, ridiculous, or if nothing else, just funny restaurant and nightlife signs. Today's shot comes courtesy faithful Eater reader Sam. Wanna play? Just give us a sign.


You know those movies that tout the producer more than stars because it's the only thing that might get people in the door? We suppose it could work for restaurants, too. The sign for Happi Songs Asian Tavern references owner Steven Arroyo to attract passersby, but please note, Arroyo would never be so garish to use his name. That would be desperate. This kind of screams, "If you like inauthentic but generally tasty tapas in a cool, vibey neighborhood setting, then you'll like inauthentic but somewhat tasty izakaya in a cool, vibey neighborhood setting." Hipsters of a feather do flock together.
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