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Eater Inside: Bastide, a Photo Essay

All Bastide pictures for Eater by Alen Lin, 9/14/07

Perhaps it was opening day jitters, maybe a touch of anxiety over how his new concept will be percieved, but Joe Pytka finally relented to let us in for a look around Bastide. Few tables, checkered-carpet, glass-bead curtains. At closer inspection, it's somewhat stark with a touch of whimsy, if not a tiny bit incongruous. We're not sure what Mao standing on chairs has to do with anything, but it's fun to look at. Ditto the trees sprouting sculpted heads near the plant wall. Early reports of chef Walter Manzke's menu are even-handed, considering it's so early. Perhaps it's time to see for yourself.

Those black chairs don't inspire 'cozy courtyard'

The waiting area

Main dining room

From a different angle

The tree trunks are sprouting heads of some sort. Ah, whimsy.

Mao on a chair, wine labels dangling on the chandelier, no linens. Interesting.