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EaterWire: Delphi's New Look, Auntie Em's Table Service, Gus's Barbecue, BA Awards

WESTWOOD: After 20 years, the faded Greek frescoes at Delphi on Westwood are gone; now the walls are as white as a Mykonos villa. Van Evangelos, who opened Delphi with his wife in 1987, passed away in June, and his former manager, John Moudakis, is now owner. Moudakis and his wife gave the tiny spot some decorative TLC, updated the menu a bit, and cut a deal with Borders across the street for parking (generally a pain in the ass on that stretch). For a casual meal, Delphi's gyros, the salad, the hot bread, the creamy taramosalata always worked for us. As long as the galaktoboureko (mmmm...baked custard dessert) is still on the menu, all's well with the world. [EaterWire Inbox]

EAGLE ROCK: Everyone needs to grow up sometime. Table service was just added to hipster brunch favorite Auntie Em's. Owner Terri Wahl hopes that by streamlining her operation after six years, the long lines, waits and general craziness will be cut down. Just save a cupcake for us. [EaterWire Inbox]

SOUTH PASADENA: We're told that Gus's BBQ will soon be sold to Chris Bicos (whose father founded Tops) and his brother, and the two will close the restaurant in late October to revamp the space and menu. Red leather booths will stay, better barbecue will hopefully be brought in. [EaterWire Inbox]

LOS ANGELES: This year's Bon Appetit Awards are featured in the October issue of the magazine, a celebration of those who "made an indelible mark on the way we eat, drink, cook, read, and entertain." Only one person from Los Angeles made the cut: Designer Kelly Wearstler. While Wearstler has done wonders for hotel design, and we loved her wacky-ass outfits on Bravo's Top Design show, her blurb touts Whist, a restaurant she designed in 2002, and Maison 140, which opened in 2000. These are the 2007 awards. What gives? [EaterWire]